Allow us to offer you the key to discovering the Hungarian capital, Budapest Card. Consider purchasing the city’s official card online, in the comfort of your home, while planning your trip. It provides access to hundreds of free or reduced-price services – all high-quality and verified – so take full advantage of its benefits from the moment you arrive, whether you want to move around the city or have memorable experiences.

What is Budapest Card?

The card provides access to a set of services designed for tourists visiting Budapest. An official product of the city, it enables the holder to use reliable, selected tourism services free of charge or at a reduced price, including the free and unlimited use of the public transport system, free entry to museums and baths, and reduced-price catering and cultural services.
There are three cards to match the length of your stay, at the following prices:
24 h – HUF 4500
48 h – HUF 7500
72 h – HUF 8900

The services and reduced prices can only be enjoyed by the holder. Each card offers the same services, they only differ in their terms of validity.
Services that card holders can enjoy free of charge in 2015:
•    unlimited use of the capital’s public transport system during the term of validity (buses, undergrounds, trams, trolleybuses, cogwheel trains, BKK boats, and HÉV trains within the administrative boundaries of the city)
•    one free entry to the permanent exhibitions of the following museums: Museum of Fine Arts; Budapest History Museum; Aquincum Museum; Kiscelli Museum; Vasarely Museum; Hungarian National Gallery; Hungarian National Museum
•    one free entry to Szent Lukács Baths and Swimming Pool
•    two walking tours of the city with guiding in English (one in Pest, and one in Buda)
•    Pocket Guide: a free mobile app with 12 thematic tours
In addition to the above free services, more than 100 further services can be used with a discount of 10-50% off the bills or entrance tickets (baths, sights, churches, museums, restaurants, sightseeing tours, boat trips, etc.)
Budapest Cards can be purchased at:
•    Tourism information bureaus at the Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport (Terminals 2A & 2B)
•    Tourism information bureaus in Sütő Street, on Heroes’ Square and in Buda Castle
•    BKV ticket offices
•    MÁV ticket offices
•    Travel agencies
•    Event vendors
•    The front desks of hotels
•    Mobile tourism information points around town
•    Foreign travel agencies
•    Online (

How does Budapest Card increase turnover?

The concessions provided by Budapest Card encourage holidaymakers to visit destinations. On average, a card holder uses two or three services in addition to the public transport. The higher the reduction offered by a partner, the more likely the cardholders are to visit. During their stay, those who buy the card tend to visit the places of entertainment and restaurants of our card partners.
Budapest Card presents quality tourism services and guarantees excellence. The selection is wide, and the positive experiences encourage card holders to try as many of the services as possible. As a result, they include places in their visits that are outside customary tourist routes and sights; it is the card that makes these destinations of choice.

What are the benefits of being a Budapest Card partner?

Budapest Card partners:
•    Belong among a circle of select, verified and authorized tourism service providers
•    They are featured:
o    in the Budapest Card catalogue that comes with the card (with photo, description, contact details; published in 250,000 copies in English, German, Italian, French, Russian, Spanish)
o    on the advertising flyer of Budapest Card (partners’ list; published in 150,000 copies in English)
o    on the official City Map for visitors (partners’ list; 1.6 million copies in English and Hungarian)
o    on the website, which supports online sales of the card (with photo, description, contact details, live link, representation on map)
o    on, the city’s tourism website (in Hungarian, English, German, with 1.9 million visitors per year)
o    in brochures at the tourism information bureaus in Sütő Street, on Liszt Ferenc Square and Heroes’ Square
•    The Pocket Guide mobile app provides further benefits for partners
Quantifiable efficiency
Fitted with an NFC chip, Budapest Card can be activated with a simple card terminal. The data gathered when the chip is read can be classified and analysed via an online software interface and can be used for statistical purposes. Analysis of the data reveals card holder habits, the number of customers at a destination and the number of services used with a card.
We share the data gathered and analysed with our Budapest Card partners to help them to know their visitors better, and increase the efficiency of their marketing efforts. BFTK Nonprofit Kft. provides the card terminals and the data service for its partners free of charge.

How can you join Budapest Card?

To join, the provider must undertake to offer all holders of valid Budapest Cards with a reduction of at least 10% off the list price of the service.
Partners sign a one-year contract and must comply with all of its conditions.


Sales and further information:
Budapest Festival and Tourism Centre Nonprofit Ltd.

György Seres
Telephone: +36 1 486 3312

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